Commentary Workshop – Wed. Sept. 26th

Don’t forget to come to the workshop after school tomorrow that will focus specifically on drama, the genre of focus for Part 3 and the two papers for final exams, as well as part of the discussion in the IOC. This will be an overview showing you where to go for specific information and an opportunity for some practice and review. I made brownies!!!


Grade 12, September 2012

Welcome back senior IBers! Just want to let you know that I hope to use the blog more this year and I encourage you to take the time to explore the links and refamiliarize yourself with the English Lit course and the texts you’ll be responsible for. Looking forward to a great- and it’s gonna go quick – year with each of you.

World Lit #2 and Romantic Poem Commentary

Guess I should update the blog again….I am continuing to meet with each of you to discuss your WL2 topics.  Remember, the same rubric is used for #2 that is used for #1. I cannot stess enough how important it is that you read the chapter in the red book concerning World Lit assignments and dig out all the handouts and lurk all the links on the blog related to World Lit. The deadline for your draft for review by me is Dec. 19th, so don’t put this off.

The poem commentary is due the 8th of Dec. Choose ONE of the poems by the 3 Romantic poets and write a 500-750 word commentary. This is to be typed, double-spaced and include a title page as well as a copy of the poem and your annotations. For assistance, review the red book – the chapters on paper 1 and poetry analysis will be most helpful. I will be grading this using the rubric for paper 1 and the mark will be scaled.

Hamlet Update

Well, the play has finally ended with the promise of  “deaths put on by cunning and forced cause” being kept by Mr. Shakespeare. However, your work on the play is continuing – much to your delight, I’m sure:-) The time for Hamlet art has come and gone as has the opportunity for the bonus. However, the essay and class test await. We will discuss dates for these in class. I have added to the Hamlet page of the blog and I strongly recommend you “seek it out”- no need to lock the doors, though.

World Lit Reminder of Due Dates

Time to blog again. It is finally October – thank goodness! However, with a new month – with several short weeks, I might add- comes new deadlines. I will list here all of the dates World Lits 1&2 so they are easily accessed. These deadlines are non-negotiable, so plan ahead.

World Lit 1 – Draft due Oct. 17th

World Lit 2 – Proposal due Nov. 17th

World Lit 1 – Final Copy  due Nov. 21st

World Lit 2 – Draft due Dec. 19th

World lit 2 – Final Copy due Jan. 24th